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Amazon:The eCommerce Iceberg

Signed in to Amazon Seller Central. Agreed to FBA program Terms of Sale. Have a PPC campaign budget allocated. All set? Not just yet.

Navigating Amazon and other e-commerce leaders requires a level of engagement, diligence, follow-up and supply chain excellence BEFORE the first sale takes place. This is not a hand-off, it is an enterprise partnership that can propel your brand or new product line forward. But, it is not simple and is always changing.

There are numerous issues you may not anticipate when you start your Amazon journey including: 1) negative ratings by consumers 2) fulfillment and supply chain mistakes that can de-list your brand 3) accuracy of your product/packaging/color/size and ASIN information that could result in returns and re-labeling expense. Ecommerce is an exciting and daunting marketplace for most entrepreneurs, but one that must be thoughtfully evaluated and managed.

GTM+ has developed a network of expert eCommerce partners, who have built and re-habilitated many eCommerce brands. We manage the eCommerce strategies of the brand in context of an omni-channel approach, that is, we ensure the eCommerce engine is fully optimized while we are developing a diversified channel and go-to-market plan. Depending on the lifecycle situation, we may suggest to de-emphasize eCommerce spending or conversely, accelerate the eCommerce investment as part of a brick ‘n mortar entry strategy. As part of the initial brand audit, we will provide an outline that includes ecommerce sales/marketing strategies along with a traditional revenue and brand acceleration model.

Clearly, eCommerce is more than appears on the surface! Be careful,but don’t miss the opportunity to evaluate eCommerce as a significant pillar for your emerging brand.


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