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Agency Partner Selection Tips

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

As an owner and entrepreneur, you have a great idea, the start of a good consumer

following, and some limited distribution. You already realize that revenue growth is priority, with heavy pressure on cash flow, and that, alone, is a full time job. Acceleration of revenue growth will generate needed cash; may even allow you to do more marketing or add resources. How can you get there, sooner ? You can draw upon experienced, outside marketing help in a cost-effective way.

Marketing services that provide focused help are available. It does not require adding overhead, large fees, or resources from an ‘agency’ that you don’t need. You should find a partner, which can access needed resources. That partner will have direct relationships with known channels, rep firms and e-commerce access, all of which are a proven path to revenue generation. You also need to build a roadmap that can be shared with customers, to demonstrate the scaleability of your core concept.

How to Move Forward? Contact potential consulting partners and present your concept, its validation and your go-to-market plan. The partner can devise a situation review and “audit”, and present you with suggested activities, timelines, roles and budgets. You’ll know it’s the right partner when they talk in these terms, show urgency, depth of curiosity and a plan. Excellent services are not free or cheap, but you’ll measure the ROI in incremental sales and profits soon enough. Insight : Make them a partner , not a service provider and you will enjoy greater results and have fun along the journey.


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